We Eat The 2000 Calorie Egg!

We didn't bring enough people to try the World's largest fried egg full english breakfast! 2,000 calories in the egg ALONE?! Mental. We highly recommend the experience, it was EPIC.

Check out Florentine Restaurant and Bar:

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  1. I worked in a safaripark for 9 years, and I worked mainly with baboons; during the long opening hours we used to take the ostrich eggs and give them to the baboons
    (the ostriches wouldn’t hatch the egg so we made good use of them elsewhere)
    and the baboons took ages to get them open because of the thick shell. good fun though πŸ˜€

  2. I like these vlogs. Just these guys we’ve grown to love exploring food, having a good time.

    I like this slow transition of SortedFood to The Travel and Living Channel, as long as some recipe videos and battles and other innovative formats keep coming.

  3. I love eggs and am really looking forward to this week’s recipes. Already know I’m going to love them all and will try them all.

  4. Tip from an audiophile: for any windy outdoor audio shot on a phone, try a hi-pass filter on your audio at maybe 80-120Hz. It’s a pretty easy fix that’ll make it WAY more intelligible.

    PS Barry is forever my spirit animal.

  5. That egg genuinely makes me feel uneasy. It’s like a primal instinct to stop me eating dinosaur eggs and being torn apart by their mothers.

  6. Jamie: there IS a hotel *touches Barry’s arm*
    Barry: get off me!
    Jamie: right! *cheeky smile*

    Hahahaha love their bromance! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€β€

  7. I know it’s not appropriate to find a grown man adorable, but every time Ben does that thing when he makes a joke and then gets all embarrassed and fidgety I just can’t help myself xD

  8. Egg-cellent !! I can understand about the texture of the thick ‘white’ of the egg… I would get weirded out by that too… on a different note… I want to say… I really like that JAMES has been included in more of your videos lately… I think he is part of the “on screen talent” and happy that we have seen more of him !! And a big thanks to all the off screen talent behind SortedFood as well !!!

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