Victoria Felkar Using Food As A Therapeutic Tool and Hormone Manipulation In Sports


Our first female guest on The Muscle Expert podcast!  Victoria Felkar (MA, BKIN), is a researcher, practitioner, and educator. She is a respected leader in the industry for her innovative and integrative approaches to health and performance.

2Glucose disposal agents

33:43 Glucose disposal agents, hormones, sleep deprivation.

38:05 Less is more when it comes to training and more is more when it comes to food.

39:00 The menstrual cycle myth.

42:10 Victoria’s book, nonhormonal ways to fix hormonal imbalances.

45:50 The critical biopsychosocial physical ecological model of dynamic relations.



  1. I have the honor of being very close to Victoria and she is absolutely incredible! We would need month, and years to try to absord 1% of her knowledge!

    Great podcast! Thank you


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