Victoria Felkar Using Food As A Therapeutic Tool and Hormone Manipulation In Sports


Our first female guest on The Muscle Expert podcast!  Victoria Felkar (MA, BKIN), is a researcher, practitioner, and educator. She is a respected leader in the industry for her innovative and integrative approaches to health and performance.

1Victoria’s dissertation topic

4:00 Victoria’s dissertation topic, exploring the world of female hormonal manipulation in elite sport.

10:47 Hyperandrogenism in females.

11: 40 Metformin for women post competition.

13:40 Strategies for women recovering from androgen use.

16:12 Progestron, chronic inflammation and more.

17:35 Reducing dietary triggers, changing your breakfast and eliminating the major allergenic foods.

20:06 Testing for gut health, food mapping protocols, and biofeedback.

21:50 Using food as a therapeutic tool.

23:38 Balancing fat ratios.

25:29 The modern American diet, 25:1 omega 6:3 ratio?

28:50 Women, the first line of defence to overcome the psychology of the binge and purge mindset.