This is potentially the cheesiest battle we've ever done…which grilled cheese would you devour?! Don't forget to VOTE!

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  1. Oh well. Mike’s sandwich looks like more. But I would vote for Barry, if there would be a poll. Sorry Mike, but I’m Swiss and Sauerkraut in a raclette Guyere sandwich does not work. And the German salami: a Swiss Cervelat is more Bollogna sausage style.

  2. Okay so.. as someone from Switzerland I am indeed a bit angry about all that has been said totally wrong about our food and what you did to it and demand the brownie point to be removed. Let me tell you why:

    First of all, salami and the mentioned Cervelat (a sausage), while both made of pork, are totally not the same thing. They look different, they taste different. Substituting Cervelat with salami is like using ground up cauliflower as the famous “cauliflower rice” instead of actual rice.
    Then as was mentioned, it isn’t even Swiss salami but one from Germany!
    Also Cervelat has nothing to do with ham! There is no ham in Cervelat! Get your facts first.

    The sauerkraut can be excused. You do counter the fatty raclette with acidity in form of pickled vegetables here too. Traditionally cornichons or pickled onions. You could’ve gone for these too but you did make the mistake of using a second cheese.

    To use both, raclette and gruyères cheese is a bit hefty. If you had not used the German salami and the German sauerkraut, you could’ve gone away with just using raclette alone. But both cheeses are so rich together that you needed to counter them way too much with the sauerkraut. That whole sandwich must’ve been way too salty. With the addition of the mustard even too spicy. But okay, the mustard is the English way and sorted twist I assume.

    Then the bread. Zopf to raclette?! Zopf is a traditional Sunday brunch bread. To use it for that sandwich here is almost beyond ultimate and on the brink of gluttony.

    Rösti was the next mistake. There are two different types of Rösti: Bern and Zürich. The one from Zürich uses grated raw potatoes and is used to make the patties as the starch will help to bind in the pan. The Bern version uses precooked potatoes as shown here but you never make a patty out of them. You leave the Rösti loose. Individual strands. So another thing done wrong here.

    So all together so many mistakes, they scream to remove the brownie point!
    It’s kinda the opposite to what happened to Barry in the ultimate saucy battle. Back then if he had not used the word “rosewater” for his soufflé he might’ve won. Here, because Mike did use the word “Swiss” he should be punished too and get the point removed instead of given!

    Oh and last but not least, remove one from Ben too while you’re add it. Raclette is not Fondue. It cannot smell like Fondue if you’re making Raclette!

    All together however, it does look like a tasty sandwich.

    • Fiona Hope – It took me a moment too. Mainly the Cervelat was really weird to me. But Mike surely just didn’t know that the T at the end is silent. Yea we have many French words in Switzerland

    • Maybe be greatful Switzerland was mentioned? Like it’s not really known unless watches are mentioned :/ and not a lot of the food is imported (because it’s not that interesting compared to other European cuisines) and they had to improvise. It’s inspired and doesn’t represent your country.

    • Somnium Viator Diem Indeed he said it’s inspired by Switzerland not traditional or anything. And the main reason why people don’t really know Swiss cuisine is simply because we’re such a small country. With just around 8 million people there really is not a lot of room for a huge variety of food related exports. And because we’re so diverse, each region with its own food only has a couple thousand people in it and that’s about it.
      Rösti, fondue and raclette are by far the most known ones.

    • Somnium Viator Diem
      Yup, just ignore that Swiss chocolate and cheese are famous and being sold all over the world.

      Merging Hefezopf, Salami, Cheese, Sauerkraut and Rösti together is just so ridiculous and that’s a fact xD

  3. Mike should be disqualified from this battle as he did NOT make a grilled cheese. What he made is a melt. Completely and 100% not the same thing.

    That being said, I gotta say Jamie because a simple grilled cheese is the best way to go.

  4. Jamies costume…..I have no words………wow. Also these are cheese toasties or toasted sandwiches. I thought grilled cheese was an American thing. Mike for the win. Sorry Barry.

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