The finale of our shenanigans in the wild. Fish guts, knife skills and 4 'very mature' guys. Who's going to win the overall bushcraft challenge?

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  1. I loved these videos, guys! You looked liked you were having so much fun and that’s all we wanted. 💕

    I miss Comment of the Week though. Are Barry and Ben still the best of friends? Do they still live together in their country cottage? Do they still take baths together ’cause they love to save water? WHO’S SCRUBBING BEN’S BACK NOW?!

    Is it time for “Comment of the Week” Week perhaps?

  2. Really enjoyed this week’s videos and have been waiting in anticipation for this episode all week! I love you guys and your channel never fails to surprise and go in new directions <3

  3. You guys are adorable sometimes. I admire Ben and James’ cooking abilities and the boys have come a long way. But as far as outdoor stuff… it’s all in good fun i guess xD
    Hey Baz let me show you how to gut an elk. You looked like you were having so much fun with the fish 🙂

  4. Shesh, even when “roughing it” they fillet their fish. Yeh, because there’s no flavor in bones or heads or anything; not like people make stock out of that stuff or anything. Catch, gut. pierce a couple of places and thread it on your stick in an S shape. Rotate while cooking. crispy skin, flesh flakes away from the bone on its own and you’re done.

  5. Great series, there are some awesome things to learn! i just wish that with things like gutting the fish, the camera-person would actually get close-ups on what David was pointing to so I could actually see what bones and incisions he was talking about.

  6. Love the idea of guys being partially out of their comfort zone. I would love to see them in Alaska or Siberia as well.
    Also Is it just me or does Ben look so much more attractive in this video? especially at the end…

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