Ooooooh saucy. This kitchen cook off requires contestants to take a simple bechamel sauce and make something utterly amazing with it. Mad skills alert…

Jamie's Pizza Recipe:
Mike's Vol Au Vent Recipe:
Barry's Soufflé Recipe:

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  1. Good job in getting in shape Mike! You have such a beautiful face and a lovable personality. Honestly I think you could be a model if you go back to your old shape (or better!). Keeping in shape when your life revolves around food is hard, but possible. Keep up the good work ❤️

  2. Video ideas: Finger foods. Great meals on a budget (broke college student also saving for a wedding, I need ideas!!) impressive side dishes! Holidays are coming up and it would be great to know what to make to wow the family.

  3. I am not sure if you’ve done it before, but for those of us in “The States”, do a Pumpkin week for Fall. If there’s anything we love more than guns, it’s Pumpkin!

  4. i think if i liked mushroom, i would like Mike’s. It is very chefy and i feel that Bechamel should not be sweet, like Barry’s is. I may be boring though. I feel that Jamie’s is creative and easy to recreate, whereas Barry’s and Mike’s would be harder to make. #teamjamie

  5. Jamies chimmichuri (cant spell) is so diffirent from anything ive seen but Ben, it is the best thing to put on a pizza.

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