We're wrapping up cheat week with an ultimate battle that's all about cheesecakes. Pure indulgence lies ahead featuring special guest and British diver Tom Daley!!!

Banoffee Cheesecake recipe:
Fresh Mint Cheesecake recipe:
Marshmallow Chocolate Cheesecake recipe:

Go and give Tom some love over on his channel:

Have a good giggle watching Jamie fall off a 10m Diving board here:

And why not tuck into the Fried Chicken Recipe we did on Tom's Channel:

Or catch-up on our last collab with Tom Daley in the shower:

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    • Florian ΔΈarl
      Tom Daley is no “sell out”, he can’t help it if he’s so incredibly popular! People just like seeing him for his amazing athletic talent, his down to earth personality and delicious smile!! It’s always wonderful seeing him on sorted foods!!

  1. I’m 18 and I’ve made many a cheesecake in my life πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ˜ BTW is it okay to ship Tom and Barry? Cuz I do πŸ˜‚ it’s pretty Bom

  2. It’s amazing your channel generates enough ad revenue to pay salaries for all the people on this video and that’s before the fee paid to Tom Daley and other overheads (rent, rates, electricity etc).

    • Freddie1980 haha… We made this video and the one on his channel because we get on, want to create awesome videos​ and all enjoy making great content. No fees. He’s such a legend!

  3. The Cheesecake Factory’s Dulce de leche cheesecake is the most delicious thing you could ever put in your mouth!!!!

  4. so tom is like the sassier, more savage version of ben i mean he has the benuendo and the super geek and can cook ….yep tom is the cooler brother to ben i would say (love ya ben)

    • The earliest recollection of baked cheesecake is from ancient Greece. There are many regional varieties all over Europe, and those recipes were simply brought to America when it was colonised.

    • i personally hate baked cheesecake i think the fridge set cheese cakes are 100 times more delicious but whatever floats your boat

    • Findecanor IKR?! I love a baked key lime pie cheescake! to make a baked cheescake may take a lot of your time, but it is really really good!!!

    • YES, I was gonna say, why do Brits love no-bake cheesecakes, they’re too sweet and boring without the caramelization of baking.

    • I don’t think anyone meant the place it was first created lol baked cheesecake is definitely most popular in America nowadays.

    • marsbar 1999 Or buy marshmallow fluff if it’s available? That kinda sounds rude, I dont mean to be rude, just making a suggestion. I dont know how expensive fluff is but you’re gonna have to work quick to melt the marshmallow and place it because in my experience, it hardens faster than fluff.

  5. Can I just say that Mike is the reason I watch Sorted. Tom was nice for one video but don’t let this become a permanent thing

  6. I’m so glad you guys treat every guest like they’re genuine buddies of yours. Thanks for the laughs! πŸ™‚

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