The Ultimate Cheat Day Lasagna

We're starting off cheat week with a bang! Ragu Lasagna. It's packed with four different types of meat, two cheeses, and creamy béchamel sauce…simply delicious.

Get the recipe here:

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    • Of course, they didn’t have machines when pasta first started, or if they did, they weren’t as effective as they are now. It’s just WAY harder to make it by hand.

    • Well, there’s gnocchi? That’s pretty easy and nice as long as you don’t overwork it or cook it for too long.

    • Depends on the type you’re making, gnocchi doesn’t take much effort, but for others the dough itself takes a while. Actually cutting it can be the trickiest part without a machine though.

  1. I look at that lasagna… I look at my ham and cheese sandwich… I look back at the lasagna. Sigh. Might you have any use for a formally trained scientist on your team?

    • Jey MF

      You could show the perfect aggregate state of cheese ….

      or not, I don’t know anything.
      Is math related to science?

  2. Is there going to be a vegetarian cheat day meal in the line up this week?!?!? I hope so!! I am new to being a vegetarian and a hard time finding really good cheat day meals

    • Are you a no cheese vegetarian (like, almost vegan) or not? because if you do eat cheese, you can totally go for a vegetarian lasagna recipe, just replace the meat with the same volume (not weight, volume, which can be tricky … just cook a lot of them I reckon) of aubergines (aka eggplants) and some tasty mushrooms if you like them, keep the rest of the recipe as it is (bechamel, cheeses, tomatoes and stuff) I swear it’s wonderful and you can probably find loads of recipes of this online (if not on sortedfood). My mom did that for me when I decided to go vegetarian all those years ago and it was so good that I ask her to make that everytime I go back 😀

    • I also have a great recipe for vegetarian lasagna that uses frozen spinach and passata. Add a diced and fried onion (one half for each mixture), season the tomatosauce with basil and oregano and the spinach with nutmeg, add some cream cheese to the spinach and alternate both mixtures between the lasagna sheets. Top off with cheese and voilà 🙂

    • There are tons of vegetarian curry recipes online that can be really rich and amazing!! Mac and cheese, pizza, all kinds of other things as well! (On a cheat day I’ll usually just eat a bunch of oreos and peanut butter and that works just fine for me) XD

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