Who's going to win the latest challenge? The boys are given bread dough recipes and have to transform them into something totally epic. Who wins your brownie point?

Jamie's Curry Bread Bowl:
Mike's Cheesy Soup Bread Bowl:
Barry's Apple Iced Bun Bowl:

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    • tomtucjr something about wearing a camouflage shirt because he doesn’t have any others / others are in the wash

    • tomtucjr I think he said he didn’t want to wear the shirt but it was the only one that was ironed, the others weren’t ironed

    • You must be mistaken, Barry wasn’t in this video. At the time you commented there’s nothing happening, strange that they would keep an empty scene in the final cut.

  1. It’s kind of weird not having Barry in this video, the battles are usually all three, too bad only Mike and Jamie were here

  2. As someone who’s IMMENSELY passionate about and invested in bread (German cliché, but so true!)… this video makes me very, very happy. Bread makes me happy.

    Although I’m still getting used to the ‘fill soup into bread’ way of eating. I’m more the ‘dip bread into soup’ person. 😀

  3. It’s a bread battle where the bread is made ahead of time and the recipes use the bread, but it’s not the focus of the recipe. You could cook apple pie filling, chicken or soup and not have the bread. The bread is relegated to bowls.

    • I’m sure James’ bread is fantastic and his recipes for the fillings are great too. It just feels like you’re judging the guys on filling and whether or not they can follow instructions on how long to bake the loaves.

    • SChappellaz I’d agree but you have to consider the fact that bread making can be quite challenging especially for novices. It’s also quite boring from a video production standpoint since most of the time is going to be spent in proofing. However I think it would be more interesting if they showed some bread making techniques such as shaping a baguette or something.

    • Or they could have chosen other types of bread to make (for example a naan) to showcase other forms and techniques (like you mentioned shaping a baguette).

  4. Curious as to why Barry didn’t add corn starch to the apples? Wouldn’t the bread get soggy with all the moisture in the apples??? Or nah.

    • Caitlin Sutter the thing is, 15 minutes it’s not much time for the apples to fully cook. As it is a dry dough, probably the little moist that did leak it’s actually beneficial. Besides, it’s practically hollow and bake, so the crust would not suffer. Hope it helps!

    • Beautiful answer! Thank you💕 Apple pie you add a little corn starch to keep the pie bottom from getting soggy💘

    • You’re welcome! 🙂 What I do with my pies is I cook the apples first in a pan with honey or dark brown sugar, a little bit of rhum (or any spirit you have that complements) and cornstarch. I find it that this way doesn’t leave a soggy bottom and if you cut the apples irregularly you will get mushy and crunchy.

    • Well I use my grandmothers old pie recipe from the deep south and she uses cornstarch cinnamon sugar and brown sugar…. amazing and the crust comes out perfect because she bakes it in an olllllldddd skillet type dish.

  5. If, and only if, you guys had an orgy and posted it on YouTube, I would watch it and be like…. “Yes…. They would do this….” And then I might watch it again……… Don’t judge….. -.-

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