Welcome to Season 4! Did ya miss us?! We're kicking it off with a classic ULTIMATE BATTLE full of waffles, meringue, steak (three guesses who's dish that is) and ALL the yummy brunch alcohol you could want! What a start to the year…

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  1. we’re starting season 4 off right with Barry’s gibberish within the first three minutes. I am so ready for this season

    • Hillary’s performance during the first presidential debate, or lack thereof, was what contributed to the Trump victory. The Democrats should’ve chosen a more suitable candidate.

  2. That shot of Jamie straight pouring prosecco on the counter 😂 welcome back boys! This is going to be a great season 4.

  3. Ben, you should fly to Vietnam and do a collab with Sonny from “Best Ever Food Review Show”. His videos are AMAZING and absolutely hysterical! Check out his playlist for the Northern Vietnam series as well as the Mekong Delta series. His frog and “This river is full of food” videos are also hysterical! Make it happen!

  4. Just found this channel and I can’t stop watching these battle vids. For this one, I would totally go for Jamie’s steak. It looked so good.

  5. Well if the studio ever catches on fire you can blame it on Barry and everyone would probaly belive it.😂😂😂

  6. If go with Jamie’s steak but with Mike’s ginger beer drink. I think Jamie’s whiskey mimosa is just a little too delicately flavored to hold up to the dish.

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