The Perfect Fried Egg

The best fried egg takes practice. We show you three awesome methods to perfect yours to go with any dish.

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  1. I always prefer Scrambled eggs – I always scamble it with Bacon, bit of onion, mixed herbs, salt & pepper and cheese – added at varying intervals. (leveled up scrambled eggs) Any alternative suggestions?

    • Its really good with a cured sausage or some chorizo chopped up and added. If youre going to do this, I’d reccomend red onion, sweet smoked paprika, bit of cayenne pepper (just a tiny bit) salt and pepper, and a salty cheese like brie.It’s so good on toast or mixed through basmati rice.

    • Kisten Reddy He totally tried to cover it up – he cracked it, it went everywhere, and only then did he pick up the pan and say ‘oh, I want to spread this’ 😂

  2. Nice comprensive — well done! Not everyone likes a runny yolk — a minute with the lid on the pan and you can get a firmer yolk without flipping. Also, watch that sesame oil — it’s fairly laxative. And you might want to grease your cooking ring — that’s not really adding any significant calories and you get a cleaner release.

    • It’s not a huge issue, really. When I was at cooking school, I was told the results of a vinaigrette made with too much sesame oil were pretty dramatic.

    • I had my gallbladder out ten years ago and sesame oil instantly became my nemesis. I didn’t know it was generally laxative but man, after the surgery it was so bad. Fortunately a tiny bit goes a long way!

    • ToastAndJellyfish oh that’s interesting; my father had his gallbladder removed January last year, and he eats sesame oil with no problems. Must be the Indian genes though

  3. The best way is similar to the olive oil technique but with butter, if the want to use less butter or oil put on a lid for a bit and it’ll cook the top and you’ll still have a runny yolk.

  4. Keep up with the explanations. Really annoys me when chefs do something but don’t explain why, you guys are great at explaining so we learn too. Nice work

  5. All good looking eggs, but from a person from the South in the US, the perfect fried egg is over easy and fried in butter. Hit me up if you come down here and I’ll personally blow your minds (with my egg cooking, not our guns).

  6. smh Ben still hasn’t improved since his pronunciation lesson in Cheese Week… it’s “sesame”, not “sezame”, come on Ben! Even worse, now Mike’s picked it up too. 😂😂

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