The Cheesiest Chicken Parmigiana You’ll Ever Eat

Chicken parm isn't chicken parm without strings of mozzarella and parmesan cheese loaded onto breadcrumbed chicken. Oh boy. This recipe is a complete stonker. What a way to start the week!

Get the recipe:

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  1. I just cooked chicken parmigiana last Sunday! And yours definitely looks so much better lol it looks so good i can smell the parmesan and herbs through the screen!

  2. We serve chicken parmigiana at our restaurant and it is one of our biggest sellers, you sorted guys should come and try it sometime! We are based in the West Midlands πŸ™‚

    • straight quavers either he uses only a little bit of sauce that dries out in the oven or its just not possible because the moisture of the sauce if its to much (like in this video already) makes the breading soggy that is a undeniable fact and can’t be stopped even by a michelin star experienced chef, maybe some edges are still crunchy but everywhere the sauce touches it gets soggy especially if you add cheese on top that seals the moisture under it while melting so it can’t even evaporate but then there would be no sauce left. I have never in my life seen one chicken parmesan dish where most of the breading wasn’t soggy… which is the main reason I just don’t understand who someone came up with a dish like that and why you would do that to a nice and crunchy breaded piece of meat…

  3. Wait… What did they throw chickens at? Jet baits? I actually didn’t hear. But cool recipe. I thought it was still cheat week xD.

  4. +SORTEDfood I’ve made it habit to do your recipes right after I finish watching the video and I’ve managed to do that ever since season 3 started. Well done, Lads πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. WHY?! seriously I will never understand chicken parmigiana, why would you fry a perfect crunchy chicken just to make it soggy with tomato sauce and terrible as f***… seriously then you don’t need to bread it in the first place if you just ruining the crunchiness afterwards… what weird person came up with this… there is nothing worse then soggy breading…

    • Nini no I just tell people that they did not understand the purpose of a crunchy breading of meat, if they make it soggy with sauce and ruin it that way…

    • Step2012 Yeah I’ve tried it both ways and prefer the baked version and adding sauce afterwards. I also like to add a little grating of parmesan into the breading itself to give a more cheesy flavour to it.

    • I have a mind-blowing concept to offer you: some people like different things. Taste is subjective, not an objective fact. Incredible, I know. Also, chill out with commenting on every other comment on this video spazzing out about soggy breading. There’s gotta be better ways to use your time.

  6. Does anyone else think Ben is attractive? Cause I do and wonder why in the world he is still single. Love ya Ben. Stay sexy.

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