Tension vs Load! Is Progressive Overload BS in Bodybuilding?

Free Mi40 Preview. Tension vs Load! Is Progressive Overload BS in Bodybuilding? Download your free PDF of the 6 Essentials of Exercise. Tension vs Load! Is Progressive Overload BS in Bodybuilding?

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  1. Very recognisable indeed. Last week for example I trained front delts and I
    couldn’t perform the motion with pre-contrating but without I was able to
    move the weight again and even with a heavier load but I did not felt it in
    the region where it should be. Such a strange experience but that made it
    really clear for me. Weight doesn’t matter, the ability to contract does.

    I do have a question for MI 40 and or Bpak. I’ve been consciously training
    ‘intentional’ for about 3 weeks and I’ve noticed that the ability to
    contract or pre-contract the muscle is improving and as a result I’m using
    less weight but it feels as if there is no end to how much force the
    pre-contrating fase is able to handle.

    I’m very much aware that I’m just a novice using this technique but is
    there a point at which you are able to determine that you’ve reached the
    maximum amount of tension without the use of an external force?

    Sometimes it feels as if I’m creating so much tension that I’m not even
    able to move through the motion.

    Thanks very much In advance.

  2. great informative video man
    I have read books and scrounged for information about getting better at
    power lifting and I have found that simply trying to overload on nothing
    but the main lifts is not as beneficial as what doing long paused lifts
    will do to increase tension

  3. Hello Ben!
    Ask you so much to record a video about the neck muscles. Training,
    tips&tricks, getting rid of some tightness, etc… Your knowledge and
    experience would be extremely helpful and appreciated!

  4. well if there form is changing and the range of motion is shorter then that
    is not progressive overload. if you can perform the same exercise with the
    same form with added weight or an extra rep or 2 that is progressive
    overload. if you can perform the same exercise same reps and set but with
    reduced rest time that is also progressive overload could go on but I’m
    sure you get it

  5. Are you crazy Ben? Do you realize what you’ve done? Now you will face the
    wrath of coach Jason Blaha lol. Great video btw.

  6. Hi Ben! Thanks for another informative and insightful video, always
    appreciated. The concept of tension being key in performing any exercise I
    understand, in order for the exercise to be performed individual muscle
    fibres must contract to bring about movement. I’m still a little puzzled as
    to how say an athlete would incorporate tension into their regime e.g. if
    the aim if for fast explosive concentric parts of the range at a high
    intensity and low volume, wouldn’t that reduces the tension in the
    contractile units of the muscle if they don’t typically perform exercises
    in a slow, controlled manner? Or would they begin teaching their CNS and
    muscles how to generate tension before changing how they perform the

  7. for me progressive overload is increasing the weight on the bar while
    maintaining perfect form, maximal tension, full ROM, and a strong
    mind-muscle connection throughout the ROM

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