Stunning Christmas Starter – Salmon & Slaw Recipe

Lighten up your holiday parties with this fresh and bright recipe and get away from the usual stodgy (but delicious – we're not complaining!) Christmas party food!

Get the recipe here:

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    • Michael Wheaton it’s not going to reduce much if at all, since the osmosis process is the natural movement of water to equalize the salt concentration on either side of a barrier (in this case the outside of the salmon). That liquid is close to as saturated with salt/sugar as it is possible to be, so if you start to simmer off the water it’ll go grainy very quickly.

    • I was wondering the same thing, didn’t think of the honey, though… maybe a soup? I doubt it can make a good sauce with all that salt.

    • I suppose you can roast the salmon if you marinade it for a shorter period of time, then you can use that liquid to baste the fish, and of course add honey to it…

      P.S. not sure if cucumber flavours are good for roasted salmon, so have fun experimenting!!

    • Best to discard it. Trying to salvage it into another gravy/soup/reduction will result in a sorta half baked product, with levels of sugar and salt that are too high and will be very hard to adjust the seasoning of.

    • Use a handgrater 🙂 I did it with the spaghetti and meatballs and I just used a normal grater for the grating parts and a blender to puree the lentils. I hope this helped^^

  1. If you make your own sloe gin then it wont taste like the cheap crap sloe gin by the big brands, or you buy Tipsys sloe gin or damson gin if they are sold out, and then if you are like me and hate gin you can drink or use it

  2. Nice! In the restaurant i work in, “Cru wine and kitchen” (Oslo, Norway), we have a gin marinated trout with cucumber, tarragon oil, apple and celery gratine, apple noisette and pepper sour-cream. We have an English based cuisine, you should come visit sometime.

  3. See, Ben knows that the only way to survive the entirety of the holidays is by cramming as much alcohol into your dishes as humanly possible. Good on you, Ebbers! You’re doing us a service.

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