Stuffed Pizza Bread!!!

If pizza is your guilty pleasure, we've created something outstanding. A blooming pizza bread! It's so good Barry said he'd leave his wife for it…

Get the recipe:
Make banging tomato sauce:
World Trade Pizza:

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  1. The people who hate pineapple still live in a cave. It’s time to get out of your parents basement, stop playing video games and see what life is all about.

    • People who like pineapple on pizza need to stop being sacrilegious to the sacred art that is pizza.

      The Italian in me wants to purge the world of pineapples.

    • its not that people hate pineapple its the fact that it gets on a pizza? that doesn’t work at all unless you are making a dessert pizza which i don’t know why you would do that instead of a pie or something like that

  2. PINEAPPLE IS AMAZING ON PIZZA!!!!!!!!! I will fight everyone one of you until you admit this… well just Ben because he seems the weakest

  3. i will only eat pineapple on pizza if the only other toppings are cheese and ham, otherwise it’s a bit too overpowering

    • gingersnap1212 I honestly don’t care what is on pizza 99% of the time. I was ordering pizza for my cousin and I for dinner and I was asking her what toppings she wanted on it and it was between meat lovers or custom cause cousin likes ham on pizza and I like a bit of veggie or just not all meat cause that gets heavy and over powering. So since custom pizzas can get pricier she just asked for Hawaiian. And I was like ok sure cause she usually expects a fight or something because of the pineapple thing. Its not that big a deal people. I wouldn’t order it for myself but I won’t burn someone at the stake for wanting it.

    • The pineapple is also quite nice if its almost like caramelized on the pizza but I rather honestly just eat those bits on their own.

  4. Just in time for my boyfriend’s birthday. Pizza is his favorite 😀 Would it be wrong to bring him this in bed tomorow for breakfast? You guys are the best!!

  5. It depends on the context, but generally, I like pineapple on pizza. As far as I know, there are two main arguments against it: “you don’t put fruit on pizza” and “it’s not traditional”. To the first one, I say “so then tomato doesn’t belong on there either?”. To the second argument, I say “pizza has existed in some form for centuries, how can anything about it be ‘traditional’?”

    • That’s exactly my point. You can’t enforce rules for some things and not others. If you can’t have pineapple because it’s a fruit, then you can’t have olives or tomatoes or capsicums or chillies.

    • SortedFOOD I love your channel so much! I’ve been with you guys for 4 years and I think that your videos are getting better and better each time😊 keep up the amazing work! P.S maybe you can do an ultimate battle but Ben has to pick the best 2 dishes out of the three and the final 2 have to create another dish for a different theme (or it can be the same) and the winner gets their mini food heaven! Love you guys!❤️ -Laura

  6. love pineapple pizza. everyone try the deadpool way. pineapple and olives. green or black. your preference. salty sweet

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