Special K Frozen Chocolate Bites #ad

Fed up of popcorn as your go-to movie snack? How about something chocolatey, fruity and downright delicious?

We’ve teamed up with Kellogg’s to find simple ways to use cereal for quick evening snacks… and these little chocolate bites are fantastic!!

Get the recipe here:
Remember to upload your cereal recipe ideas to Kellogg’s Facebook page using #becauseyum

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  1. special k frozen chocolate bites more like advanced easter nests am i right (they look better than what i could do when i was six though so :D)

  2. You have to understand that some Youtubers need the money from videos like this to keep their channel going. Dislike it all you want, but if you were in their situation you’d end up doing videos like this in the end too.

    • As I post this comments out of all of the ratings only 3% are dislikes. I scrolled down and haven’t seen one negative comment regarding the sponsorship. Sooo that raises the question. What on earth are you talking about?

    • They’re a cooking channel doing a cooking video that just happened to use an ingredient they were paid to promote, we get a recipe out of it and they get some money, win win. Seriously, people really do get pissy about the free content they’re given

    • andyt2k’s right. Honestly, if it were some kind of Youtuber who partnered with a company and did a showcase on their product, and saying it was really really good, then that’s kinda shady. However, these guys get to make food that we can easily make at home, they get some cash, and Kellogs gets to showcase their product without a huge product placement.

    • theres only 33 dislikes was there any point in your comment? or this one. this video is men, chocolate and laughter what else do you want?

  3. I love how they all look at you Ben with that mesmerized stare saying : “how can that guy be so talented ? Oh and be our friend ?” Hahaha 😘

  4. I wish they made some delicious Czech food some day. I am sure we have enough interesting cousine for them to choose from.

    • SORTEDfood Two foods that pop up in my mind the most is Svíčková (Roasted sirloin in sour cream sauce with dumplings) and Vepřo knedlo zelo (Roasted pork with dumplings and sauerkraut).

      Anyways, love the show and thank you for responding ^^

    • Martina Nguyen Yes they have, but after doing some research. I have come to a conclusion that Trdelník is not really a czech food.

  5. Never thought I’d see the Sorted boys put ket in a recipe… Can we have a spaghetti bolognese with MDMA in next? (you could call it spag mol)

  6. I don’t give too hoots whether or not you guys do sponsored stuff as long as you guys keep bringing us your usual creative talent as in this video. I appreciate the open disclosure and also appreciate you not being all in-our-face with the product placement. I’d try gatorade if you guys presented it in a video, and that’s saying something cause I detest it.

    Also, ignore the haters. The internet’s always ready to whine about spon-ed vids (which are basically FREE ENTERTAINMENT honestly why don’t they catch on to that part?) … but would love to get a free all-you-can-eat coupon for the local chippy or kebab place ANY DAY.

  7. Leftover cake crumbs + chocolate sauce/melted chocolate + corn flakes + raisins in the middle put together like these but on a stick like lollipops???? How does that sound? Contemplating this idea for an upcoming b’day party. Opinions?????
    PS. Great work guys and Love you Ben💝

  8. 0:18 I felt like either Ben was going to accidentally or supposed to say balls instead of bites, and the guys’ reaction to his emphasis was priceless. I’m willing to bet this wasn’t a one-take-Jake and he may have said balls in previous cuts XD.

  9. I don’t see why ppl hate ad/sponsored videos so much like if you need the money to continue your channel or whatever then do it. Got to do what you gotta do. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  10. Popcorn week? Use it in different ways coating for chicken, but also maybe some normal popcorn recipes? Could be neat!

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