Soy Ginger Chicken Recipe | Episode 1236

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  1. Always excited to view your recipes!
    I was wondering if you could cook something which has potatoes inside?

    • I know! I had to wait a whole week once for the chicken fajita soup recipe to be posted. It was torture lol

  2. Hi Laura! Love this recipe!!
    Plz share some Korean recipes too! If you like soy based meat, you may like Bulgogi (stir fried thin sliced beef with soy sauce based marinate). As a Korean, I would appreciate a lot if you could introduce some Korean dishes to your folks!

  3. I love your recipes! They are so inspiring and mouth-watering! Great job, Laura! You are an example for me to follow! 💕

  4. I love your channel. Your recipes come out perfect. I am legally blind and am challenged cooking meat on top of stove. Do you think I could bake this?

  5. What brand of brown rice do you use and how do you cook it? I always have a hard time cooking brown rice 🙁

  6. People some times are ashamed of prefering chicken dark meat rather than white. I love how Laura embraces it! No shame on it, (it doesnt have to) Love chicken thighs too!! hahaha

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