Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

It's all there today… Red velvet, gooey brownie, baked cheesecake goodness all in ONE tray bake! WHAT a way to kick of dessert week eh?!

Get the recipe:

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  1. I think I got a little too excited when I saw this. Really looking forward to this week, and can’t wait to try these out for my new Uni room mates in September!

  2. There’s a red velvet cheesecake my family used to buy from the store; red velvet brownie crust that rose up the sides of the circular pan and a nice dome of cheesecake filling in the middle. It was da bomb, but unfortunately store bought and not super “healthy” (chemicals and such). You have inspired me to actually try to recreate that masterpiece with this recipe! (With some variations. I may add lemon juice to the cheesecake part because it just gives it that lovely lip-smacking sour undertone that elevates the sweetness and makes you want to eat MORE!!!)

    Thank you guys for another sorted recipe!

    • Elle Kay good luck to you! I’m just finishing first year. I’ve done a lot of wraps that can be warmed in the ward microwave (personal fave- wholemeal wrap, hummus, red pepper, falafel and halloumi) or couscous with stock and roasted veg. The best thing to do time/effort/money wise is cook a joint or a whole small chicken one day a week, divide, freeze half and fridge half and add to veggie recipes as you go along!

    • Tristan Frodelius As a man with long hair I whole-heartedly approve of Baz growing out his hair. He’s going to have some Mark Wahlberg type flow soon, it’s going to be incredible

    • it is not just chocolate cake! disregarding this video with red velvet brownies, the cake has a lighter more airy texture than chocolate cake and a very mild chocolate flavour. infact the only choc in a red velevet cake is just a touch of coco powder!

    • The bakery where I used to work told me that traditionally, the red colouring comes from raspberries. They make their red velvet cake without food colouring (so it’s much darker), but it’s a chocolate sponge infused with raspberry coulis and it’s heavenly.

    • Actually, the original red coloring came from the interaction of the cocoa powder and the vinegar. Real red velvet cake has a mild chocolate flavor with a tangy subtle bite.

  3. do a STONERS WEEK and for the food battle you can make amazing creations like combining pizza and fried chicken or something crazy

  4. one of the biggest hits I ever bring to parties is a standard Philly cheesecake but using a brownie base instead of a crust. I always do it tray bake style, though. Too much mixture for a springform pan
    the secret is to prebake your brownies a little bit. You wind up with a super creamy top and a super fudgy brownie underneath. Its pure sin in a pan and I never have leftovers

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