Pizza Nachos | Made Personal with Barry

Pizza. Flipping. Nachos. These were insane. You NEED to make them.

You heard right! We're doing another book! Full details in tomorrow's club letter. We're going to need your help to create it. Sign up here:

Here's the recipe for PIZZA NACHOS:

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  1. Here before the yt notification!!! Also Barry’s dog 🐕!!! Such cutieee😍 Yasss!! You’re doing another book! I sooooo wanted the Desserts in Duvets but couldn’t afford it (stupid exchange rate 😒). So I am gonna try an save for this one starting now.💰💰💰💰

  2. So… Barry is the Italian fan, Ben is the Japanese fan, Jamie is the Spanish fan(chorizo all the way), James… em, well, Mike……… the diet guy.

  3. James. My man. 

    Beard-friendly food is a myth. It doesn’t exist. 

    However, I’m willing to challenge you to prove me wrong.

    • you are awesome love your self مسااا الخير . بتمنى زيارة قناتي المتواضعة واذا عجبكم المحتوى اشتركي وشكرا سلفا

  4. So, we’ve had pizza grilled cheese, chocolate pizza, pizza waffles and now pizza nachos. What’s next Barry, a pizza cake…? Actually, on second thought, pizza cake sounds great right about now.

  5. Question to the fans: what’s the best SortedFood video/recipe ever made? Comment your answers, I’d really like to know.

    For me, I’m torn between the Fully Loaded English Breakfast by Mike and Ben, and the Salad BBQ big morning out, with brisket and salmon by all 4.

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