Parm & Prosciutto Breadsticks | Episode 1219

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  1. U know it is my first time to see a video that is completely new and it feels like Laura is only talking to me😊😊😊

  2. These are my kind of breadsticks!! Also can use guanciale and pecorino for a Roman carbonara touch! 😊🇮🇹👨‍🍳

    • God guanciale and pecorino are a match made in heaven. But in my country, pecorino is not good quality and it is exorbitant (I’m Burmese), and we don’t have guanciale in Myanmar, so too bad I have to stick with Laura’s idea. Sorry though. But your idea was awesome!

  3. Laura, can you show us a video on making your own homemade Italian seasoning? Thanks a lot. You are a big inspiration. You are the person that inspired me to start cooking Italian food. Hope all the best for you.

  4. “A little bit of parm is good! But a lot is better!” Laura Vitale, bring us delicious recipes and great life advice 😂 Looks yummy!! Merry Christmas Laura to you and your family!!

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