One-Pot Turkey Bone Broth Recipe

With the holidays fast approaching (like Thanksgiving and Christmas) we thought it was time for another banging leftover turkey recipe. This broth is delicious, nutritious and easy to make.

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  1. Hi guys! As I’m so early today I wanna ask a question

    Why is the mystery box gone? I noticed here and there you mentioning some recipes as part of the xx week but the week theme was never announced!? I personally have found it slightly frustrating and hard to follow

    • I believe the Mystery box was a series of sponsored videos. Once that contract has finished, no more Mystery box. But I could be wrong..

    • The Renie mystery box was sponsored, but they’re talking about the boxes from the start of this season where they’d show the theme of the week.

      I imagine that people were tired of it and complaining that the beginning of the video was 2 minutes of intro rather than diving right into the show.

    • I think, sometimes, the sponsored videos (which they usually post during Wednesday or Friday, I’m not sure) do not fit the theme?

      The mystery box bit was gone (I presume bec they’ve been a bit busy with the new book and stuff) but they’d still introduce the theme briefly at their Monday videos. But starting last week, they posted the sponsored video first on Monday, which I guess was so they can post their 3-part wildlife videos consecutively. So I guess they’ve changed it up a bit?

    • Ann R I had asked the same last week, and they said that many people found it to be overdramatic, so they listened to them and got rid of it. It wasn’t sponsored or anything.

  2. My Mum used 2 make this on our old woodstove minus the pesto and it was lip smacking. It’s the turnip and onions I think that makes it taste so good. I miss that woodstove it made smashing food, no it was my Mum.

  3. “It’s like someone’s punched you in the face after you’ve had a nice cuddle with them…. but in a really nice way?”

    Sounds to me like Jamie’s marriage is an exciting one!

  4. if you only salt it at the end then yes you will have nice seasoned broth but all the potatoes etc will have no seasoning

  5. It isn’t really done this way where I’m from, Brittany. Pistou is something really local to the south of France only. Here we would do it with beef meat, similar mix of veg AND (best bit) the meat and veg would be eaten on their.own, when the broth, after being.cleaned from its fat, would be turned into a soup with really thin pasta called Vermicelles, genuinely one of the best dish when you a kid, a.soup of pasta !

  6. I’m french ! I’m at High school and your vidéo os really cool for learn english ! 😉 Try to undersrand : Normalement le pot au feu ne se mange pas avec du pistou ! 🙂
    I love ur vidéo just continue To make me happy ! ^^

  7. This is more or less how I have made soup all my life. Except that I blitz up most of the vegetables, and add lentils and butter beans. Also no celery because I hate the stuff. Also let it simmer all day or overnight, depending on when I start. The bone can be just about anything — beef marrow bone, package of chicken wings, turkey carcass…

  8. I love making pot au feu, it’s easy and you can have it for a few days or when you’re sick. Also, you can use oxtail for the pot au feu as well 🙂

  9. We make this somewhat differently in Chile, call it Cazuela or Carbonada. Mainly done with beef, and a sprinkle of chopped up cilantro on the plate, served with rice as well (cooked in its own pot and added before pouring the broth in).

  10. you know i notice that the stove hobs don’t look that pristine. not hating, just feeling a little better because my stove looks just as bad.

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