Dr. Andy Galpin Muscle Fiber Type Training


Coming to you from the Fitness Business Summit in San Diego we have Dr. Andy Galpin. Dr. Galpin is a researcher at Cal State Fullerton who is leading the conversation on muscle fiber type training as well as a cohost of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast. His lab is biopsying and analyzing muscle fibers one at a time. Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast Dr. Galpin gives us a crash course on influencing your muscle fiber type, how muscle fiber nuclei influence your gains, bias in research and MUCH more!


38:50- Dr. Galpin’s book Unplugged: Evolve from Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance, and Consciousness. His “Nothing Mindless” philosophy on your goals.
40:00- Adaptation vs Recovery. How optimizing recovery prohibits adaptation and which to pursue your goals.
46:00- How much time do you need to recover from really hard training?
48:00- Embracing the suffering. Andy’s advice on adaptation, don’t over optimize, take some days to struggle through as your not peak self.
50:45- What is lactate and how does it influence your training? Is it responsible for fatigue and soreness?
56:35- Does Carnitine supplementation work?


  1. The timing of this podcast could not be more ideal for me. Crazy. This is an area of hypertrophy research where good studies are lacking and it seems like there is pretty significant inter-individual variability. Thank you

  2. You’ve fallen so far Ben. from a big time name, to a certified snake oil salesmen. Just because the majority of the population is ignorant doesn’t mean it’s alright to take advantage of them lol


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