Dr. Andy Galpin Muscle Fiber Type Training


Coming to you from the Fitness Business Summit in San Diego we have Dr. Andy Galpin. Dr. Galpin is a researcher at Cal State Fullerton who is leading the conversation on muscle fiber type training as well as a cohost of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast. His lab is biopsying and analyzing muscle fibers one at a time. Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast Dr. Galpin gives us a crash course on influencing your muscle fiber type, how muscle fiber nuclei influence your gains, bias in research and MUCH more!

1Time Stamps:

4:00- How Dr. Galpin’s research is changing the way that we think about fiber types.
8:00- Training your muscle fiber types. How you can change your training regimen to influence your dominant fiber type.
12:10- Testosterone use and how it influences your muscle’s nuclei.
14:30- How Dr. Galpin’s research is changing the way we think about muscle building.
17:10- The difference between how muscle fiber types react to stimulus.
21:30- How Dr. Galpin is challenging the paradigm in fiber type research. 24:00- An example of the bias of research. How group findings can be skewed by outliers.
29:00- Dr. Galpin’s philosophy on influencing the fitness industry and coaching.
31:00- A crash course on AMPK and mTOR. How each of those proteins influences muscle growth and fat loss.