Muscle Expert Katy Bowman- Move Your Body


Katy Bowman founder of Nutritious Movement and author of Move Your DNA, Movement Matters, and more brings her extensive knowledge of movement to the podcast today. Katy tells us how she has rearranged and remodeled her house to incorporate more movement into her daily life.

She also gives a ton of very practical advice on exercise, why feet strength is important and how convenience is the enemy of exercise. Make sure to listen all the way through because this episode is full of golden nuggets for both seasoned athletes and people trying to get out of their sedentary lifestyle.

1Katy’s beginnings

2:30- Katy’s beginnings. How she evolved from exercise kinesiology to becoming an expert in natural movement.

4:45- Katy’s recommendations for integrating movement into your busy schedule.

7:30- The Movement Diet, translating movement into a beneficial regimen.

8:12- Kick off your shoes. Why you need to strengthen your feet.

11:18- How Katy has remodeled her house to exercise her feet.

14:50- Recommended exercises to avoid hip and lower back pain and how to avoid those problems.