Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on Muscle-Centric Medicine, Keto-veganism? Eliminating Estrogens and more


Today on the Muscle Expert podcast, Dr Gabrielle Lyon, our second female guest on the show talks with Ben about “muscle centric medicine” plus the cutting edge health and performance interventions she is using with her own clients, ranging from PGA golfers, NASCAR drivers and Navy SEALS.

2Hormone optimization

27:50 Hormone optimization for women, the first step towards optimizing thyroid function for every female.

31:16 How to eliminate estrogens. Calcium D Glucarate, DIM and more.

34:10 Infrared sauna, and heat therapy.

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  1. Hey Ben.. I am just wonder if you have heard of Dr. John Doulliar? He wrote a book called Eat Wheat and makes a really compelling argument about most allergies at the root cause are impaired digestive issues that contest the liver and lymphatic system. Just curious on your thoughts?


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