Mastering Execution for Every Muscle New

Ben Pakulski gives you several tips on how to master exercise execution to make sure you're getting the most out of every exercise.

For more exercise execution tips, check out the “Anatomy & Setup” video series from our most comprehensive MI40 program yet, Hypertrophy Execution Masterclass:

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  1. I want to say thank you for all information and all educational information. We see all around the world auto-proclaimed guru but real thing is that we need to learn what’s best for us and Ben with entire team MI40 are the best people at this moment to educate people.

  2. Do I only need to register (name and email) to see the Hypertrophy Execution Masterclass or do I have to pay as well? 🙂

  3. Hi guys I watched the video on the chest setup , but I’ve never benched with my elbows so far out , I thought that would cause shoulder injury , I’m going to give it a go tho , I always tuck my elbows around 45′

  4. BPAK on the stabilization attack! Set up, stabilize, initiate, manipulate = unconscious muscle activation. It’s like a puzzle, you first have to figure out where and how to start, to get the final master piece. Thanks Ben!

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