Making Breakfast for Sia | Step Up To The Plate (The most embarrassing video we’ve ever made!)

This is getting ridiculous. We're in our 30's. Jamie has children who are going to have to see this when they grow up. OH WELL! Help us get this video to Sia and Maddie so they can admire our dancing and maybe even make this breakfast at home?!

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  1. Thanks SORTEDfood I settle down to a nice cuppa excited by the prospect of your Sunday video, it seems all normal at first (well normal for you guys…) and now my laptop and couch has a fine spray of tea over it… who do I send the cleaning bill to.

    • I mean, ‘cos he ain’t got nothin to be ashamed of under that chef’s jacket…? xD Or because of his obvious enjoyment and enthusiasm I guess… ;D

  2. Oh gosh what have I just watched.. This is too beautiful for my eyes. I can’t decide if I’ve been blessed or scarred.. Someone help.
    Ps: is Ben too shy to show his man boobs?

    • TA Falling i think that his chef jacket has become one with his skin and in the last 2 years the process has been picking up the pace

  3. The moment that mike ( coz it was definetely mike ) suggested this to the group , did you not all think “he full on lost it now ?” But no you said “yes , i have a child and this is definately a good idea” Bloody hilarious well done guys

  4. Don’t need of putting a video of my reaction 😂 this emoji explains everything!! 😂 u are awesome!:) ❤️

  5. From Mike’s nipples peaking through that top, to Jamie’s superb crazy countertop dancing. For a moment I thought James was topless. Ben was totally overshadowed! Lol

  6. First: This video deserves a like
    Second: James, that was a beautiful curtsy
    Third: Mike, how are you so tan compared to everyone else?

  7. okay, 1. what the HELL?
    2. where’s Barry?
    3. I love this please do not stop.
    4. your children are either going to have grow up learning to love unconditionally or hating your guts forever so good luck.
    5. what happened to that new segment when you tried to outdo each others’ organized night out(sorry i forgot the name)
    6. where should we send ours, and watch others’ videos???

    • 1. 🤷‍♂️
      2. Somehow he got away with it…
      3. YAY
      4. LOL hopefully the first!
      5. Ah the Mystery Nights – new one coming out soon!
      6. Send them over on Twitter and we’ll retweet a load of our faves!

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