Making a Chocolate Tart WITHOUT the recipe! Chefs vs Normal Guys

A Chocolate Tart can be a beautiful, show stopping masterpiece. When you're continuously getting shocked however, that prospect becomes far less likely.

Here's the recipe: coming sooooon!

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    • Valli Arlette
      It’s called having fun. It’s totally harmless to them, and no one cares that your too weak to handle a little messing around.
      Go back to your safe space with your fluffy pillows while the adults have fun.

    • Having used something similar to these as a kid I can promise it doesn’t actually hurt its the shock that causes you to flail and/or scream like a small child

    • Clearly you don’t know many people with bad startle reflexes. If you don’t enjoy that type of content or you find it uncomfortable or distressing you don’t have to watch it, there’s hundred of great Sorted vids that don’t include the shockers you can check out instead

  1. Ahaha great timing, I made one of these the other night 😍 Went great of course, partly thanks to my skills acquired from watching you guys 😉

  2. the beginning where james kept following the tart with his fork while ben moved the plate around as he was speaking )):


  3. Awww – well done Jamie that was a proper cute Dad joke. I love how delightfully low key James’ maliciousness is.

  4. I love and hate these shocking episodes. Love it at the beginning cos I love learning new recipes, but hate it towards the end cos I can’t see what’s happening due to the tears of laughter! ! Poor Jamie again ☇☇☇

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