London’s Best Full English Breakfast?! (At 3 Price Points)

A full English breakfast is the ULTIMATE weekend treat. Greasy, hearty, substantial. However we're not quite sure that a FISHY full English, a STEAK full English and an ITALIAN full English quite fits the brief…but when have we ever been conventional?

Here are the places we headed to and don't forget to tell us your fave places for a full Englishin the comments!…

Hawksmoor: | @HawksmoorLondon on Twitter

E Pellici: | @Pellicci_Cafe on Twitter

Piggy's Cafe (Billingsgate): | @BillingsgateCoL on Twitter

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    • Ben is the nerd who overthinks all the food and cant pronounce “sesame” (among other things). Jamie puts meat on everything.

    • Liquid Metal ~ Sorted is on the thread so I’ll keep it clean lol. Mike is the tall blonde-brown haired with the dreamy blue eyes and a scruffy beard, then there’s Barry who’s recently been killing it in the hairstyle game while James is Chef # 2 who’s Scottish and hence Awesome as expected and upon whom half the Sorted community has obvious crushes on. I’m only halfway through this vid though so not entirely sure the last 2 men appear in this one.

  1. Im only two minutes into the video, but Ben gave you scallops for breakfast so he’s already won.

    Edit: I just finished the video – Ben still won.

  2. All three looked amazing! Think my winner would be Mike’s pick. Great food at a great price and it looked really cosy! 🍳

  3. If I had the money, and the ability to eat that much, I’d go with Jamie, but for good food, great atmosphere and brilliant value for money, it has to be Mike. Sorry Ben, but I really don’t want to have Fish so early in the day.

  4. Best part of a full English brekkie aside from the actual meal is the friends with you at your local spot catching up with everyone’s week πŸ™‚

  5. When I lived in Norwich the place we ALWAYS went to for a brilliant full english was at the Street Cafe on Magdalen Street. SO good!

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