London’s Best Burger?!

Burgers, burgers everywhere…the boys have £80 to try out three different burgers around London. Does the highest price dictate the best taste? Which will be our favourite?

Here are the places we went to:
The Hyde Bar: |
Burger and Lobster:
Up in my Grill: |

Music by Petrie:

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    • Petrie – To Swim is what’s playing during Ben’s section. I had to pause the vid and Google like a madman. Worth it!

  1. You guys are bringin it in these videos! Absolutely love the feel, the music, and of course the food! Where’s my ticket to London?!

  2. Am I the only one that can’t eat raw minced meat? It’s just so different from a steak… I like burger well done, so I like them thin and stacked instead of a thick patty, this way you don’t overcook the outside and have a raw center. Plus 2 thin patties= more surface area for caramelization, more flavor.

    • It is in Ireland anyway.  At least one well-known gourmet burger chain got reprimanded for serving rare burgers on H&S grounds a few years ago.

    • dxelson I think you’re missing out if you hammer a burger. I love a smash burger (thin burger) but a medium rare thicker burger isn’t gonna kill you and it’s very delicious.

    • Andrew Lazar funny thing is a medium rare burger can actually kill you the fact its not cooked in the centre is a breeding ground for bacteria….. You can eat them your whole life and be lucky but it just takes one bad strain and its lights out….

    • You need to have a good idea where you’re getting your beef from; if you source it yourself from a trusted butcher, and it’s of high quality; you can eat burgers medium rare. If you just go to the store and buy a package from there, it’s safer to cook it all the way through.

    • Like Laura said, Jamie’s been busy with his new son. He said on Twitter today that’s he back to start filming new stuff, so we might see him in videos maybe a couple of weeks from now.

    • Oh man, Mercato Metropolitano near Elephant & Castle has a stall selling some ace BBQ doner. A mix of chicken, lamb and haloumi with a choice of sauce and salad in flatbread for a tenner. Absolutely fantastic.

  3. Id really like to see each of you make a traditional English food the way your moms made it and you grew up eating it. No fancy instagrammy perfection, just how you like it.

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