Learn How to Pose Like A Bodybuilding Pro

Learn How to Pose Like A Bodybuilding Pro – click to learn how to overcome your limitations – Want to Learn How to Pose Like A Bodybuilding Pro? In this video, IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski teaches an MI40 student how to pose like a bodybuilding professional.

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    • Naa but i thought mine might b from sugery. Im second guessing that after
      seeing the video. I have to bend my ribs from outtie to innie as well.
      Never knew others had to bend them when posing. Its no issue to bend them
      with abs i spent years on but it cant be all that good to smash the organs

    • +Lynellrs Ben said in the beginning of the video that the dude is 4 weeks
      out from a show x)
      So yes, he’s out of shape! But pretty good frame.

    • +skinkpaj yea i realised. that was my bad. i should have watch the whole
      entire vid. that is a reall bad shape for 4 weeks before show

    • +Lynellrs Hehe yeah totally, he looks more like.. 12 weeks out to me!
      In 4 weeks u should have shredded gluteus, veins popping everywhere and
      skeleton-diet face : D

  1. this guy has more of a powerlifter physique… but his midsection is fucked
    upp and bf looks a bit high for someone that will be competing 4 weeks away

  2. Very informative video! I’m preparing for my first show that’s in 6 months
    and this was VERY helpful