Jumping Off 10 Metre Diving Board With Tom Daley!

Why is Jamie diving off a 10 metre high board with Tom Daley?
He lost the Ultimate Cheesecake Battle and has to face the Ultimate Forfeit, obviously.

Check out the full cheesecake battle here:
Check out Tom Daley's channel:

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    • Anjali Jayanty it’s actually pretty simple, literally calories in vs calories out. Eating less food takes less effort than eating more. You said that people are afraid to show their body in public, seems like a mental danger to me. Even if losing weight were some exercise in excruciation, it would be worth it.

    • N I never mentioned anything about people being afraid to show their body in public, and again, much easier said than done. Many people want to eat well and exercise regularly but it is hard and not many people end up actually doing it in the long run

    • nobody’s arguing HOW to lose weight, but why are you forcing them to? if you don’t have anything nice to say then keep your mouth shut and don’t meddle in other peoples personal business 🙂

    • Anjali Jayanty my mistake, it appears someone else posted that comment. Again, it’s not at all hard to lose weight, you don’t even have to exercise. It’s easy to start small and to eat a little less that you normally do. The reason people burnout so frequently is a mixture of unrealistic expectations and unsustainable diets.

    • no is anyone in this thread forcing someone else to lose weight? No. If you don’t have anything productive to add to the discussion, keep your mouth shut and move on 🙂

  1. So proud of Jamie though! I’d imagine it would take quite a but of courage to dive off such a high board especially with no prior experience of it. (P.s. I’m totally like Barry. I’m terrified of heights)

  2. This just makes me miss swimming and jumping off of cliffs before I became disabled. Still a good video though and I love seeing Tom Daley almost naked. 😍

    • Hopefully you don’t have to give up your love of swimming – depending on your disability, there are lots of ways you can still be in the water! Sending you all the love from Canada (and from a fellow Tom Daley fan) <3

    • dancinginstylinson17 Thank you! I haven’t tried it yet but I really want to. Just haven’t found the right moment or place; I don’t want other people to witness me drown. I’m sort of hemiparalyzed from my right side; I can’t write anymore because I was right handed and I have an afo to help me walk.

  3. 9.812 g …. theoretically they should have hit the water St the same time but …but one of them hit the water first… I wonder why 🤔😎

    • Air resistance would be mostly negligible at those speeds though. It’s probably because one jumped higher or something like Kyle Marie suggested.

    • radioactivated if im not wrong, maximum velocity will not be reached in 10 meters for a mass of a normal human. But other factors are in play here, maybe they jumped off at different times, someone jumped from a higher height.
      There are many factors to account for.

  4. good job jamie!!! you did awesome i hate hights i remmber being terrified of a 3M jump so amazing achievment!!

  5. No no no no no no no. I’m highly afraid of diving boards and I was flipping out watching them jump off of those.

  6. I mean… Ben, if you want to make it up to Jamie, you should jump off the 10 m too. In fact all of the sorted boys should (including James!)

    Unless Barry is really truly terrified XD

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