John Amaral The Connection Between the Energy World and Our Physical Selves


John Amaral is the go-to energy worker for Celebrities, Athletes, and Billionaires. On this episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast, John and Ben introduce us to the energy that controls our existence.

2Bridging the gap between the physical and energy world

4:30- Bridging the gap between the physical and energy world. How John Amaral found the energy world and started his career.

10:10- John’s first experience with energy work, how connecting his body and energy allowed him to truly experience his senses for the first time in years.

11:15- Measuring the energy world. Applying science to woo and the effect of human consciousness on the world around us.

15:10- The system of the mind and body. Examples of physical manifestations of energy.

18:30- Our body’s communication network. Can cells communicate through energy?

20:35- Breaking the patterns of old injuries. If the body replaces all of its cells every five years then why do injuries hang on?

24:50- Where to start with energy work.

28:30- A dive into energy states. Are you low energy, neutral, or an energy-rich individual?