Dr. Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural


Our expert guest is an International lecturer, researcher, author, and educator who healed his body after a devastating accident using his mind and meditation practice without the need for medical surgery.

Dr Joe Dispenza joins Ben today to talk about the steps needed to take control of your mind and live your greatest life.

2How to become a master of observation

23:25 – Envisioning zombies. How to become a master of observation.

26:25 – Where to place your thoughts when you begin your meditation practice.

30:15 – Mystical experiences and becoming supernatural.

31:00 – Upgraded melatonin and lucid visioning.

34:00 – Dreamtime and creating mystical experiences.

38:00 – Unraveling emotions from the past.

43:15 – High beta brainwaves.

49:45 – Changing your genes in 4 days. Using meditation to improve longevity.

54:45 – The question you need to ask yourself every morning before starting your day to unlock the best version of yourself.