Dr. Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural


Our expert guest is an International lecturer, researcher, author, and educator who healed his body after a devastating accident using his mind and meditation practice without the need for medical surgery.

Dr Joe Dispenza joins Ben today to talk about the steps needed to take control of your mind and live your greatest life.

1Joe’s near death miracle story

1:45 – Joe’s near death miracle story.

11:05 – What to expect the first 30 days of your meditation practice.

13:05 – Turning on your frontal lobe of your brain.

16:00 – Observing thoughts, defining what is the truth and what are just feelings.

18:00 – Change your life with 45 minutes of mental work every day.

20:45 – Are you addicted to anger?



  1. Awwwwsome! I am diagnosed with PTSD,bipolar,and im 9 months clean from a 17 year opiate and heroin addiction no meds all natural mindfulness is key love it!!!!


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