Jalapeño Mac ‘n’ Cheese…. Vegan Style!

Hey guys how about a mac 'n' cheese with NO CHEESE?!! This easy, quick, comforting dish will be a favourite around every family table whether you're vegan or not!

Get the recipe here:

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  1. If you do videos like this, I would like you to make a normal version of the dish and then in the same video you show the way how it’s done vegan or whatever other variation there would be and compare it to the original.

  2. I haven’t even watched it yet but thank you sooo much for making this video, showing people that being vegan is delicious and helping raise awareness of veganism!

    • Jellyfish Jaehwan
      What’s so bad about assuming? Everyone makes assumptions. It’s a part of human life. It happens. No one can stop it. If you don’t make assumptions, how do you expect to have them corrected?
      On another note, how did stereotypes earn such a negative connotation? I have a suggestion, “If stereotypes are so evil, just don’t do anything that could make a stereotype.”

      But that’s literally impossible. Stereotypes arise from opinions. I’m literally telling you not to have opinions. But at the same time, it’s a perfect solution that could solve every problem that people have with stereotypes.

      So instead of stressing out about whether or not it’s okay to have an opinion (correct or not) in our generation, why don’t we just make assumptions on whatever basis we can find, and be willing to change our opinions?

      BTW, whenever you see a comment talking about veganism, what’s your first thought? Wanna hear my guess?
      I bet you think this: “Oh god, I bet there’s a firefight in the reply section.”
      And more often than not, there is. But still, an assumption like this comes from repeated experience. It comes from a stereotype.

    • Nothing bad about assuming itself, but letting that make you biased and thus affect your opinions about a certain culture or subculture can lead to someone being closed minded and disagreeable (as a trait, not an opinion). And actually, my first thought is “I bet they’re referring to some biochemistry article” because that is what tends to happen with the videos I watch. As a minority where I live, I know better than to just assume and leave it at that, or worse, assume that the person I am meeting follows that stereotype. Thankfully you’re comfortable with having your assumptions corrected despite claiming you can be very biased, many others seem to go by stereotype and stereotype only.

    • If you mix Daiya with a little veg stock in a high powered blender and then heat it up on the stove, bam. Cheese sauce. A chef at Walt Disney World taught me the trick – and while I generally prefer cashew or veg or bechamel based sauces, it is good in a pinch!

    • Ok Write I actually made a vegan Mac and cheese last week. With sweet potatoes, nutritional yeast and coconut milk. It was pretty creamy!

    • Ok Write Hot for food have a vegan nacho “cheese” recipe on their channel which is super creamy and works perfectly in mac&cheese, too. (Without nuts. 🙂 )

    • Silken tofu is a pretty good add in. Too be honest sometimes I make vegan cheese sauce with just vegetables. Add extra potato to get extra thickness, the cashews aren’t that necessary!

  3. I thought this title was a joke at first(because I wasn’t expecting it at all).I always watch sortedfood videos despite most of the recipes not being vegan just because I love you guys but oh man this video made me happy. Thank you so much 💃💃💃

  4. I’m a meat eater, and I love how other meat eaters hate vegans because they use terms like “cheese” when it ‘s a substitute “cheese”, its not like I’m looking at a hot dog, and going damn, meat eater where’s the dog in this.

    • As a vegan, I can assure you, this does indeed happen, and has in fact happened many times between me and my perhaps less open minded friends. The thing is, if we always specify “vegan-cheese” instead of just “cheese”, people will come after us again for “preaching about being vegan” or whatnot. We can’t win either way tbh.

    • I understand what you are saying. I have a partner who is vegan, and although the comments above your’s are just dickheads trying to prove a point that their opinion matters, which they do. I was just trying to write a silly comment because I understand both sides.

    • Jellyfish Jaehwan – The difference being, if you call it vegan-cheese, and someone comes after you, they’re being a prick. If you call non-cheese, cheese, then you are the one who is wrong.

    • Sara P – The fact is that a lot of people use that hotdog argument like it actually means something, which it doesn’t. My main point had nothing to do with me proving a point about vegans, my main problem had to do with this type of comment. It’s clearly made to bait people like me into arguing with you. You then proceed to respond back, with the crowd in your favor, because you made an oh so insightful comment about the state of ‘meat eaters’

  5. I kinda like this format, but will there be an Ultimate Battle on Sunday again? Or a Big Night In? I’ve got nothing against the change of format, though. Was it a suggestion by the community?

  6. Billions of innocent animals are slaughtered each year and no one bats an eye, but if you use “cheese” in the title of a vegan dish suddenly every meat eater gets triggered…

    • The amount of meat and milk production will NOT change just because some people are vegan, thats what I hate about some of them, they say things will just change like that with the more vegans we have, but there are way more people who eat both vegetables AND meat than vegans, so nothings really gonna change how much meat and milk is being produced….

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