Irish Soda Bread 2 ways | Episode 1237

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    • Skye Chavis -she exercises every day, eats lean most of the time and loves her veggies. She eats what she calls “real food”, plus she has a young one at home who keeps her active. We only see at most two items she eats per week, and one of them is usually pretty healthy. The other one is a carb loaded fest on the weekend. Hee! Love her recipes. I have adapted several.

    • Maureen Kelly true its all about moderation but i dont have self control so maybe thats why its a mystery to me how she does it lol

  1. What other type of pan would I be able to bake this in? I don’t have a cast iron pan. But the bread looks amazing!!!

  2. I love the end when she tries the result and how she enjoys herself😂🤣 I love her.. she is the best on youtube!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. You made me laugh so hard when you were tasting the first bread! I totally understand you. Will bake this bread 100%.

  4. I remember seeing these in the background and was wondering when it was going to be uploaded. Love it!

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