Inject Your Donuts – Custom Fillings!

Today James gave the guys a lesson on filling doughnuts and turned it into a bit of a battle. Did you know he's actually a proper chef?

Get the doughnut recipe here:
Find these and loads more excellent filling recipes here:
Still want more? Bonus video this way:

HUNGRY FOR MORE? Share your own recipes and photos of your cooking triumphs (and disasters) at or get the app here:


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  1. I always forget Sorted is 8 hours ahead of me. Then I realize it’s 2 in the
    morning and I should really be sleeping.

  2. James needs to join in more battles 😀 also, if you’re going to put
    chocolate against fruit, no matter how good those other flavours are,
    chocolate is always going to win

    • +Kasey Goodrich
      I actually don’t like chocolate that much, which probably makes me the
      minority. But, whatever 😀 I would probably enjoy all three anyways.

    • +The Good News Channel yes, some people don’t like it, which is why I said
      ‘most people’ rather than ‘everyone’

    • Saying “not to be sexist” doesn’t make the comment any less sexist,
      regardless of intent. I wish more people would get that, they’re just
      wasting their time! One comment isn’t gonna brand you for life, anyways,
      unless we’re all that judgemental…

    • +Asha Mae
      Cool, thanks, was trying to avoid people like you who wanted to chime in
      just to make some contrarian statement to what I was ACTUALLY saying. But
      whatever, welcome to the internet I guess.

  3. I want a “Citrus Got Real” shirt. If that can’t be done I’ll suffice with a
    “There’s basil in my S” shirt.

  4. The Franken donut should be reduced as “4 Boys get messy with donut holes”.
    Yet, what a beautiful mess it was.

  5. honestly wish I wasn’t a broke uni student because I always want to try out
    your recipes but i’m too god damn poor to afford more than chicken and
    bananas if i’m honest

    damn it, i really want to make doughnuts rn

  6. The Comment of the Week was perfect. Maybe James could participate in the
    battles more often. He spends way too much time behind the camera.

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