Hypertrophy Execution Masterclass will help you break those bad movement habits that are killing your gains and your joints! By mastering exercise execution, you’ll unlock your genetic potential for maximum muscle growth and fat burning.

1The most comprehensive MI40 muscle building program EVER!

This program provides everything you need to pick the right exercises for your goals, mechanics and body type… set up properly… stabilize, and precisely execute those movements to perfection.



  1. Being a student at the moment has prompted a question why is knowledge kept behind a paywall?? Surely knowledge is priceless. Yes granted you and everyone needs to make a living, but you keep saying I want to do this for everyone yet to come to your facility is costs a lot of money and the videos cost money to access as well

    • asmava12 I’m 25 I know how the world works but when you’re looking for journals and articles when writing reports the vast majority cost money to accessor a short amount of time not all knowledge is free and that was the point I was trying to make. Plus a five minute YouTube video doesn’t cover a lot of information it gives you an abstract amount of information at best

    • Ok. Your point is knowledge is not always free. For a moment I thought you were trying to say that knowledge must be free. My mistake.

    • Time is precious don’t give away so freely ,u wouldn’t go to a restaurant n eat for free same principal when it comes to knowledge training nutrition etc


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