How To Progress Effort

Ben Pakulski gives you some tips on how to implement progressive overload once you’ve mastered proper exercise execution.

For more exercise execution tips, check out the “Anatomy & Setup” video series from our most comprehensive MI40 program yet, Hypertrophy Execution Masterclass:

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  1. MI40 is awesome thank you! Ben are you going to do another training program like hypertrophy max again?

  2. Brilliant advice and great reminder, Execution mastery is truly the best program so far, thank you for a great video. BTW what the significance of the logo on your shirt saying ‘ Mi40 Gym Dublin’?

  3. Thank you for the great info. What’s best execution tip to grow a bigger chest? I am not understanding much the sternum thing, seems a bit complicated to me 🙁 is it manipulating the bench angle or the sternum angle? thank u

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