How to Pick the Best Exercises for Your Body Type

Ben Pakulski shows you how to pick the best exercises for YOUR body type.

For more exercise execution tips, check out the “Anatomy & Setup” video series from our most comprehensive MI40 program yet, Hypertrophy Execution Masterclass:

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  1. Cody looks like he’s ready to arrive at your door and ask if you have time to speak about our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ

  2. Huge ribcage crew checking in. Chest was massive before I ever started lifting, which is why I have always been a strong presser. In order to get my arms to grow (especially my triceps), however, has required major attention to detail through tips I have gotten through mi40. Best in the world at building muscle Ben!

  3. I am a mover! One of the smaller movers in the business and I can out lift the big boys like it’s my job.

    • I notice with jobs like that big dudes tend to get hurt more often since they try to brute force everything where i’ve seen the little guys last forever because they understand leverage better

  4. these are the types of videos that should get a million views but no guzman filming himself eating chipotle and hitting a bench press pr every week is what gets it….

    • Jfonseca6 Athleanx makes these videos everyday and actually shows you how to accomplish it. Great information on this channel too but hopefully u bodybuilding type guys knew this before he put up a video about it

  5. I´m built like you Ben and I can attest to having the same experiences as you. Could you tell me how you train your glutes? My quads get most of the attention… Best candidate so far is barbell lunges, which make me a little sore.

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