How to Optimize Nutrition & Calories for Muscle Building and Fat Loss

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    • Bood Ahmad really kind of discouraged me since I’ve been losing way made me feel like I’ve been doing something wrong this whole time but eventually kept a lot of muscle while I’ve been losing weight 80 pounds so far

    • Keep in mind he is trying to sell one of his programs. Sure there are some metabolic adaptations, but your thyroid doesn’t just “shut down” like he mentions. Keep doing what’s working for you.

    • Ya, do what works for you. Been on 4 months of getting lean because I put weight on a little too fat and probably made it up to 12% body fat (that’s a lot for me….) down to about 8-9%% on a slow cut and haven’t lost any size (measure weekly) and have gained a bit of strength. Be consistent, note your changes and change things if you need to but get to know you body. If you aren’t patient or need someone to tell you what to do sign up for a plan 🙂

  1. Great video ben..i am an 18 year old guy and i just want to gradually gain muscle mass..would you recommend me to increase my weekly calories for about 1500 calories by cycling my calories up and down throughout the week? Thanks!

  2. Ben, I love all the information you put out and the way you teach what you’ve learnt through research and experience. I’ve also really been enjoying your podcasts – the conversation with the Rhino was great. The sound was off on the most recent one, so if I may give you any productive criticism it would only be to work on the sound of the podcast.
    I either learn something new from listening to/ watching you or leave feeling motivated and inspired. You’re doing a GREAT job!

  3. Zane was spot on. His principles from his Olympia days are exactly the same as this and he maps it out. Both of these are very good bits of info.

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