How To Make Amazing Hummus 3 Ways #spon

We never tire of hummus recipes! In this video we use veggies like red onion, carrots and beetroots to make a colourful trio of dips. You can then mop 'em up with a delicious herby flatbread. Gorgeous.

Get the recipe:

More information on Kenwood products including the Food Processor and Stand Mixer used in this video:

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  1. Did you hear about the dead man? the police say it was a hummusside
    I say how can a hummusapien take a life of another. That is messed up

    • The Invisible Chef I mean, I doubt you actually have because the video hasn’t been up for very long. So how do you know they’ve ruined the taste? I mean, I have a hunch that Ben actually knows what he’s doing, funny that, and they’ve been going for how long- seven years? More? That is an awful long time for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Okay cool; we’ve set that stupid comment aside. Why can’t they try something new huh? If you want a traditional recipe, go and find one! This obviously isn’t a traditional recipe and they never said it was- if they just make classic food over and over again then people are gonna get bored, they’ve already seen those videos. No new food is ever gonna get made if people don’t experiment and SortedFood certainly won’t if people like you just go and shoot them down. If you don’t like, don’t make it, pretty simple.

    • The Invisible Chef — you literally just commented that ‘hummus’ means chickpeas…. ergo, if it has chickpeas, its hummus.

    • I think it’s generally accepted that “hummus” is chickpeas, usually with tahini and other ingredients. No need to be pedantic with its meaning in Arabic.

    • Dove Rios they have recipes out there, for enchiladas and huevos rancheros, unfortunately they made it so wrong that it can’t even be called Mexican food.

    • airtempo exactly! I saw their enchiladas video, it looked quite delicious, yet it wasn’t Mexican food. I’d really love to see a proper mole or typical Mexican food.

  2. I know you purposefully didn’t add tahini but still it is a vital aspect of the dish, for all intents and purposes this is a supped up chickpea purée

  3. sorry to say this. But I have to because I’m part Lebanese and I’m so tired of people calling Hummus to anything. This is not Hummus! Hummus has Tahini (sesame sauce) and olive oil. This is just chickpeas with other flavours. But I admit this looks amazing and I could try it. I’ll just add tahini and make the real hummus to mix.

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