How To Level Up A Vanilla Milkshake

We've leveled up a firm favourite: Vanilla Milkshake! Hint: cola + malt powder, WTF? Wait until the very end for a naughty surprise…

Get the recipe:

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  1. I love a vanilla milkshake!!!! ❤️❤️ it’s my favourite I literally would make this at home.
    Any tips on how to make it thicker? I love a thick milkshake (so thick that you struggle to suck it up the straw )

    • Zoe Field you could probably try vanilla angel delight….or is it butterscotch?? Either way I reckon it’s delicious!!

    • Zoe Field I used to work in a milkshake bar, thicker – slightly more ice and less milk, thinner – less ice and more milk. If you add more ice cream it won’t work too well, will only melt down with the rest of it when it’s blended and reduce the rest of the flavours! 😁

  2. I’m pretty sure it taste good, but a “vanilla milkshake” is exactly that, vanilla. So when you add cola and malt, it stops been a “vanilla milkshake” and now is a “vanilla+ cola+malt milkshake”. Adding those two new flavours take away the whole point of the vanilla. I not saying is wrong, or taste wrong, all I’m saying is that is not vanilla milkshake anymore.

    • As we explain in the video- these two ingredients are there to bring out the flavour of the vanilla! So it is very much still a vanilla milkshake 🙂

    • SORTEDfood I’m not entirely sure you are right on this, but then again it’s all a matter of taste, and there’s nothing restricting about that.
      Thanks for talking to me.

  3. This has to be the most expensive milk shake ever! just those two pods cost 6euro here in Slovakia :O *cries in student*

    • We sure do. It’s not a particularly common store cupboard item but it’s perfect for milky drinks, warm or cold, and definitely sold here.

    • Sorry, I should have been more clear. When I say “malt” I mean “malted milkshake.” It’s admittedly very confusing since the ingredient is of the same name, but when you go to a shop in the US that sells milkshakes, they are likely to also serve “malts” which is a milkshake with malt powder.

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