How to Judge the BEST BBQ IN THE WORLD! #spon

Whilst we were in Kansas City, we were invited to a PRO BBQ Competition and get an idea of how seriously they take it and the whole judging process! Astonishing!

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  1. I always wonder why you would force yourself to wake up at 7.30 to run. I woke up at roughly 11.00 and have been eating ever since! Must admit though, I’d much rather be wearing those spiffing outfits.

  2. I pretty much never want this series to end. Come to Boston sometime! My game changer here is Parker House rolls 👌

  3. Thanks for visiting ‘game changing’ American cities that weren’t on the coast (for all that you had a choice in it). The Midwest gets a bad rap but it’s only boring cause you’re not looking in the right places!

  4. Sometimes I feel bad for Ben cause he is bullied all the time, but then I can’t stop laughing in moments like 0:57

  5. Everyone heard their accents and was like where are you from, everyone in the US hears my accent and tells me to go back to China. I’m not even from China smh

  6. I always love you guys, but this has been one of my favorite weeks of videos you’ve ever done. I want to go visit Chicago and Kansas City now!

  7. This has been a great series — well done all. I can’t wait to see where you go when the opportunity arises again. The world is very wide, and I hope your success takes you all over the place. Get on board, people — find a sponsor and invite the boys to your neck of the woods!

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