How Do You Make A Chicken Katsu Curry Leaner and Cleaner? #spon

Chicken katsu curry is a real treat of a meal usually saved for cheat day. Well, now you can enjoy it more often because this recipe adds a few twists to the classic recipe by baking, not frying the chicken and making use of cauliflower as a substitute for rice.

Get the recipe:

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  1. cauliflower rice is honestly the most bullshit rice substitute ever. doesnt accomplish any of the satisfying rice flavour or texture. people, there is absolutely nothing wrong with white rice! its not even that calorically dense.

    • I, like many other people, love a bit of cauliflower rice πŸ™‚ obviously it doesn’t taste like normal rice but just gives regular dishes a different, healthier spin. Nothing wrong with that.

    • I agree cauliflower rice doesn’t taste as good as regular rice, but despite not being calorifically dense, white rice is a CARB! So if you are looking to cut down on carbs, or for those who can’t tolerate them, cauliflower rice is the low-carb version πŸ™‚ not really about the calories x

    • Jess Noack asking for peer reviewed studies on here? Stop muddying the waters with scientific logic and methods!

    • Hey mate, I think Alicia was making a Mean Girls reference is all. No need to get hostel.

      The point of SortedFood is to make cooking fun, not to give a forum for people knock each other down for what they like or don’t like or how they may look. Great to have opinions but keep it civil.

  2. Just coz it looks like rice doesnt mean it tastes like rice, and as an Asian I would never compromise anything with rice.

  3. I’m sorry but all I can think about is how Katsudon can be someone’s eros and how I can describe the personification of sex as “the tastiest pork cutlet bowl”. #yoi

  4. I cannot handle spice to any level (like even normal pepper is too much). I really want to try this. Would the curry be too spicy for me? If so, is there something I can substitute?

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