Hazelnut Swiss Roll Recipe

The most delicious swiss roll recipe ever. You wouldn't know it unless we told you but it's dairy free! Useful to have these kinds of recipes up your sleeve if you ever have to cook desserts for those with intolerances and allergies. Enjoy 🙂

Get the recipe here:

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    • Cathi Odtohan he simply doesn’t like the flavour. As he said, he doesn’t have a problem with dairy – he loves butter. A lot of people don’t like cheese because of it’s strong flavour.

    • Butter is okay for most people with lactose issue because there isn’t much lactose in it. Not saying that it’s impossible Mike just doesn’t like cheese… Although I can hardly imagine anyone not liking cheese… CHEEEESE…

  1. That sound as the hazelnut praline was being poured…I thought a random window of mine was making that noise.
    Also, Mike finishing off his nut sprinkling somehow reminds me of how James added his finishing touches right as time runs out XD

    Suggestion for you lads to have a throwback week! so remake a recipe you’ve made eons ago without looking back at that recipe and video, just to see if anything’s changed in your procedures over the years :>

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