Hack Your Muscles | Triceps Pt.1

For more exercise execution tips, check out the “Anatomy & Setup” video series from our most comprehensive MI40 program yet, Hypertrophy Execution Masterclass:

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    • You have definitely changed the whole game when it comes to optimum muscle building. Clearly, all other YouTubers are changing their contents and aligning with your science-based techniques. Its a shame you are very rarely credited for the information.

  1. Great as always. I also use this passive support technique to stabilize the humerus for shoulder int/ext rotation.

  2. Can’t wait for hamstrings video, I focus so much on pelvic stability, but lower back keeps getting in the way when I’m trying to extend using the hams.

  3. Damn I have a very big imbalance on my long head and that makes sense as i always start rounding my shoulders when i get tires. You have any other exercises for strong scapulas

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