Hack it Like a Chef: Easy Korean Street Food

If you're running out of inspiration for simple, tasty midweek meals, you're not alone! Fortunately, we have a chef on hand to give us something new and delicious to try using some smashing pork medallions… and to prove how quick and easy it is, Jamie is going to cook the whole thing by himself!

Get the recipe here:

Find out more about pork medallions here: www.lovepork.co.uk

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  1. I think you guys should cook African food, you’ve never done that before, I think it’s the only continent you haven’t done, lol.

  2. I have all of the ingredients in the fridge/pantry. I know what I’m having for dinner. Except I’m gonna use wild rice as it is what I prefer and always have on hand

  3. There are lots of Korean dishes that can be veganized for Jamie’s vegan month. Japchae noodles is fantastic….use Gochujang….it is delish!

  4. Please please please! As a Korean I still don’t know what dish you guys have created so you guys should mention that this is not a traditional Korea

    • I’m working under the assumption that they were inspired by bibimbap but that’s only because it’s the closest thing I can think of that it could be based off of?

    • Agreed. This is more like a korean inspired dish, i would say. I am a korean and havent seen this as a street food. But I enjoy it when Sorted food tries to incorporate korean (or other countries’) flavors, it is interesting to see how a british chef uses korean ingredients 😁 And i understand it is difficult to make it ‘authentic’ as it is difficult to get the exact kinds of veggies, condiments, etc.

    • I mean… I don’t know if it’s Korean street food nor a Korean dish but it is kind of Korean inspired? with some of the seasonings that Korean people love to use on a daily basis like gochujang, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and rice wine vinegar; some of the cabinet essentials. Lettuce, bean sprout, and cucumber are also a very likely choice to top a Korean dish because it has a very easy access but radish I find to be quite rare here. Maybe an addition of carrot be more common and add a touch of color. I think what parts this recipe from “traditional” Korean meal is the different type of cut with the pork and the radish and that’s about it!

    • 츄우우츄 soy, sesame and rice vinegar is pretty standard all around east Asia. The only thing that is typically Korean is gochujang.

    • Christine Lindberg-Gilhus yeah! So I wouldn’t be surprised if people think that it might not be Korean-esque because the seasoning and ingrdients are similar across Asian countries!

  5. So like is this supposed to be a Bibimbab recipe? Because as a Korean living in Seoul this ain’t our street food and it ain’t the usual Korean style Bibimbab but damn that looks good.

  6. I’m so fed up with people calling foods Korean when they don’t resemble Korean food at all. This has no resemblance to Korean food, let alone street food, except the addition of gochujang (which is, of course, mispronounced throughout the video). It’s almost as bad as people making “Asian salad” as if Asia was a single culture. Is it tasty? Probably, but this is maybe the worst “cultural” food the Sorted guys have ever made. Well, there was Jamie’s burrito…

  7. Best bibimbap sauce: gochujang, a little bit of soy sauce, and sesame oil. That’s literally all you need. No vinegar. But good try.

    Also bibimbap is not really street food 👍

    • Exactly my thought I can’t think of any Korean dish that even similar to what they are making neither this is a Korean street food

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