Frisee Salad with Potatoes and Hot Salami

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    • I think she likes runny eggs, but supposedly some of her viewers get pissed
      off when she cooks her eggs that way, so she’s trying to be respectful to
      them. But yeah, runny yolks are amazing.

  1. I don’t know what I do wrong, but for some reason this dressing does not
    taste good to me. I don’t know if it’s quality of mustard or … but it’s
    just not nice in salad. I don’t even taste salad flavors because of mustard
    But you are great Laura, I am going to try this because it’s so simple and
    this cannot taste bad.

    • So wait.. did you try already and didn’t like it or do you want to? Just
      curious cause i kinda think the same about the mustard but want to try it

    • She has other salad recipes in which she uses the same mixture for the
      dressing, so yes I tried it already. people who ate with me said that it
      was too strong, i don’t know why? I think it might something to do with
      mustard flavor or even vinigar…or maybe its simple ratio that I don’t do

    • Maybe you can try adding a little honey, or some other sweetener. While
      watching I thought this may be a little acidic for me personally.

    • +Trinii1 Thank you for you advice. I solved problem by buying different
      brand of mustard and white wine vinegar (more expensive). Dressing was
      amazing! I think the problem was also in adding less olive oil, this time I
      added as instructed. But sure I think i will try adding bit of honey for
      more subtle taste. 😉

  2. I would definitely like this with a poached egg! I hope you and your family
    are okay in Italy. I know your visiting your nonna right now. Can’t wait to
    see the video with her in it!

  3. Makes my mouth water! Lol!! ????????????
    What brand of olive oil and white wine vinegar do you recommend? I really
    want to buy some good olive oil and white wine vinegar, there some many
    options! Don’t mind spending a little more if I have too ☺️

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